Namrata Goyal, daughter of an airline honcho Naresh Goyal, talks about the creative way that she found out to bind the employees through a play. Just turned 21, Namrata says that Jet airways was like a rival sibling for her as it kept her away from her father. She had never intended to join it. But during the economic slowdown in 2008, she saw her father on TV saying that it was a hard time for him as he had to ask his employees to leave. He said that since jet is like a family, it was as difficult as asking his daughter to leave the house. The incident touched Namrata and she decided to do something for the company.

After completing her film study from London, Namrata came to Mumbai to join her father’s firm. It was then that she started her social journey by working with Kaifi Azmi’s Mijwan Welfare Society. After working for a few months with Jet Airways, Namrata felt that there was a disconnect between the employees because of management barriers and hierarchy. “That’s where theatre came in. It is such an effective binding tool,” says the just-turned-adult who gave her first Kathak performance before she was four. “I wanted to break the gap caused due to hierarchy, and hence started workshops with six groups of employees. We started with the play, ‘Tumhari Amrita’.” said Namrata. She felt that the employees were very talented and enthusiastic as during one of the sessions, they themselves scripted a play called ‘Six Seasons of Love’. The play received accolades and we decided to tour with ‘Black Comedy’ written by Peter Shaffer.

Black comedy talks about betrayal and human psychology. “It is a challenging play as it uses opposite psychology and it is also challenging from the actor’s perspective” says the young director. Black Comedy has already been performed in Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. The audience consisted of Jet Airways employees, their family members and friends. “It is still not decided whether we will perform in other countries. I want to give a chance to other enthusiastic employees. The Company has always stood for young values.” added Namrata. Naresh Goyal, Chairman, Jet Airways attended the play in all the cities. The play was followed by dinner where the Chairman personally interacted with the employees and their family members.

Young Goyal has been passionate and creative about art. On the occasion of her father’s 60th birthday she prepared a docudrama entitled ‘There is no one like him’. When she was 18, she made her first short film ‘Sunaina’ based on female infanticide. The film was screened at the prestigious BAFTA. ‘I felt that the issue of female infanticide is vast. It is shocking to know that people from Britain come to Asia for female infanticide. I am passionate on woman issues and hence female infanticide touched me. That’s how Sunaina was made.’ says the young film maker. The film was honored and shared a screen space with Deepa Mehta’s film. The artistic personality, gives all credit to her mother. ‘I feel that I have got the genes from my mother as even she is into arts.’ said Goyal.

Believer in the power of youth, she wants more people to know and get inspired from her father’s story where a 12 year old boy’s house is getting auctioned. He promises his mother to get the house back and works hard to fulfill his promise. He toils hard and in the end it happens. Talking about her future plans she said that she is working on a business plan for which she will be going to France just to know about films and to meet various people related to the field.