I am a person who loves to write, cover field activities and work on to something different everyday. Basically, I am writer and I feel that writing teaches you new things everyday. Nobody is a complete writer. By a ‘complete writer’ I mean someone who can say that now I know whole and sole of writing. But I feel that writing is an ongoing learning process.

I had never ever imagined in my life that someday I would write and choose it as my profession. I had never ever thought of myself holding a pen. I had different plans which took a turn which took me to a different land. A land where I feel that writing is something through which you can express yourself. It merely does not mean writing a book or a poem. It is beyond this as even a small paragraph can read a writer’s mind.

I have been writing since almost two years now. My post graduation college, Center For Development Communication and my four internship stood as shoulders to support my confidence regarding my write ups. It was after undergoing various internships I found out that though I need practice, I can write if I pour my heart into it. i trusted my instinct and started working for it. Today I am a writer and editor of an e newspaper.

Though this blog I want to share my write ups and I want your comments, so that I can learn more of it. I take it as a platform to share information regarding various topics though my write ups and to receive your comments and reactions on the same.