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Plant lovers got colored into varied shades of flowers and beautiful plants. The nature lovers had an opportunity to explore the wonders of horticulture. Gujarat Horticulture Association had organized a three day exhibition starting from February 11.

The 43rd exhibition by Gujarat Horticulture Association portrayed variety of plants, flowers and organic fruits & vegetables. The exhibition was inaugurated by P. Nandankumar, Chief General Manageral, SBI. The place was painted with the colors of varied flowers, bonsai and other shrubs. People also could have a look at various organic fruits and vegetables that are rare to find. Children were found grabbing knowledge regarding the growth of plants and vegetables. Various types of flowers like Dianthus, Petunia, Verbena, Aster, Roses and Marigold were displayed. Bunches of varied colors delighted the eyes of the visitors.

Horticulture Association had also kept a competition divided into various themes like bonsai, flowers, fruits and vegetables. “I have displayed sixteen plants out of which three were awarded. Knowing about various plants and growing them is my hobby. It has been three years that I have been into gardening. I think that the event is amazing as it has a huge collection.” said Rishma Praikh, a participant.

Apart from bonsai and flower competition, this year Gujarat Horticulture Association also came up with garden competition, organized ten days before the main exhibition. The entry was open for public gardens, private gardens, farm houses, terrace gardens, traffic islands, school and college gardens, party plots and private society gardens situated within 30 kms from Gujarat Horticulture Association Nursery. 120 entries were received in this category.

Vegetation lovers could not only enjoy the plants but also could buy a few of them from 20 stalls that were set up. People from Goa, Pune and various parts of Gujarat had set up their stalls. Apart from plants, various seeds, designer pots and gardening equipments were also available. “I come here every year and buy different kinds of plants. I find the place very informative as everytime I visit I get to see different varieties. So I keep experimenting with different types of plants.” said Meena Shah, visitor.

Moreover, the response from the people has been great said Kiran Desai, executive member, Gujarat Horticulture Association. “We have been organizing this since past 42 years and the visitors keep on increasing every year. This time the response was overwhelming. There are people who prepared for the competition months ago. This time there is a person who grew certain plants in the jungle and brought it over here for the competition. If I talk about the visitors, this time we are expecting around 50,000 people.”

It was an exhibition that mesmerized the plant lovers. People were seen buying and observing varied plants. It was an erudite exhibition for nature lovers and for the people who want to know about various plants and their seasons.


Celebration Of Victory On Air

Cancer is one of the ten leading diseases in India. It is estimated that there are nearly 1.5-2 million cancer cases at any given point of time. It is likely that the number will double in the coming 5 to 7 years. Among females the cases of breast cancer are increasing day by day. In order to bring awareness about breast cancer, HCG Medi-Surge Hospital arranged an awareness programme ahead of World Breast Cancer Awareness Day on October 25. As a part of this programme around 30 females who survived from breast cancer gathered at Kankaria to spread a message regarding the deadly disease.

They celebrated their victory over the disease by cutting a cake on a flight of the helium balloon. They cut the cake at the height of 360 feet with a message, ‘Soaring High-Cancer Bye Bye’. Moreover all the females were dressed in pink, it being the color of breast cancer. According to Dr. D.G.Vijay, the programme was carried out to raise the awareness about cancer treatment. The victory of these females over the disease itself said that females should get themselves tested at an early stage. Generally the disease is detected in the third and the fourth stage, after which the cure becomes difficult. Hence regular tests can help in detecting it at a pre clinical stage.

Dr. D.G.Vijay said, “We think that such programmes are necessary as they bring openness in the minds of the people. Gradually people are becoming bolder. Few years ago one didn’t used to marry a girl whose mother had breast cancer, but now people have accepted that it is not hereditary.”
The event did not only spread the message but it also boosted up the spirits of these victorious women. Pragna Shah,51, says, “I was operated twelve years ago, and during that time I could literally see death in the eyes of the people with whom I used to talk. They always felt that I will soon die and that feeling imbibes a sense of negativity in the minds of the patient.

Whereas such programmes make us feel that we are not different from others. I want to convey that cancer is not death and hence fight it with a positive attitude.” Antonia Shadipo from Nigeria who got operated just three weeks ago also was a part of the programme. She said, “I am very happy to be a part of the event as it lifted my spirits. I saw so many survivors around and now even I feel that I am a survivor.”
The participants discussed various issues and enjoyed for two hours. The event not only shared a message but also shared moments of happiness and concern.



Vultures becoming extinct from the state

Vultures are amongst the most endangered species in the country today and incidentally, Gujarat is the only state where the vulture census is being carried out. The Government had gone through a vulture census in 2005 and 2007 in order to take the conservation steps. The 2007 census showed that the vulture count had dropped to 1,431 from 2,642 in 2005.

The latest census concluded by the forest department reveals a drop of close to 28% in the numbers of the endangered species. The final estimated population in the state is just above 1,000 birds right now. The year 2007 witnessed a fall of 45% in the bird’s population as compared to 2005. But now the good news is that the rate of decrease has been marginally checked. Wildlife conservationists claim that if the vultures continue to decrease at the current rate then the species will be extinct in the coming seven years.

Vultures, protected under Schedule-I of the Wildlife Conservation Act, are among the most critically endangered species in the country. The news is not that sad for the state because the number of decline is lower than last time. Moreover some districts have observed an increase in the population. Researchers at Geer involved in the study have gone into the depth of the issue this time to study the reasons for the rise or fall in population for each district. There are several reasons for the downfall in the count of vultures. A medicine called diclofenac, which is used to treat livestock and is consumed by vultures while feeding on animals’ carcasses, is believed to be the main cause of vulture deaths and therefore the decline in its population. This apart, urbanisation, lack of awareness among villagers about vulture breeding, and lack of safe feeding sites are reasons for their disappearance.

There are 69 long billed vultures and 24 nests of the critically endangered vultures in Girnar Hills of Junagadh. The vultures and their nests are present right at the place from where a controversial Ropeway Project is proposed on Girnar hills. According to initial figures available, 47 vultures were spotted on Girnar hill and 22 in Devaliya park. There were various types of vultures in the Geer forests including Dakugidh, Rajgidh, Kherogidh and Girnarigidh. It should be mentioned here that due to population of rare vultures and lions in Girnar forest, the central environment and forest ministry has put proposed rope way project on hold here. The latest figures justify central minister Jairam Ramesh’s stand on Girnar rope way project.

Conservationists in areas like Kutch and Surendranagar have reported a decline in numbers, Ahmedabad city and Girnar Hill in Junagadh seem to have reported a healthy population. It has to be noted that conducting the census survey is not enough to protect the species. But the government should take the help of conservationists, NGOs and bird lovers and take apt actions to save the endangered. Otherwise day is not far when vultures will be seen only in books.


Now that the first phase of the commercial is ready, Big B the brand ambassador of Gujarat once again visited the State for the second phase of the second commercial ‘Khushbu Gujarat Ki’. Media plan would be prepared and the budget will be sponsored by the State Government. The commercial will be shown in theatres and TV channels. Once the commercial gets ready it would be presented to Mr. Narendra Modi by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan himself.

There was a sigh of excitement all around the city when Big B arrived at Ahmedabad airport. Thousands of fan followers were waiting outside just to have a glimpse of the superstar. The crowd consisted of people of all age groups. Some of them had bunked their schools, offices and the others had left their important work just to have a glimpse of the superstar. But the crowd was not lucky enough as a car with dark glasses with Big B zoomed away. At first the superstar visited Gandhi Ashram. The superstar got covered by the feeling of sanctity of the ashram. The purity and sanctity proposed him to walk barefooted in the ashram. The surroundings reminded him about his hometown Allahabad. He also tried his hand at Gandhiji’s Charkha. He also wished ‘jay shree krishna’ to the sweeper of the Ashram which no celebrity has done so far.

He made an impromptu visit at Akshardham at Gandhinagar. Big B was touched by the cleanliness of the temple and was happy as he could feel the
sanctity and purity of the temple. During the 90 minutes visit he also talked to Pramukhswami over call and jotted down his experience in the visitor’s diary. He took part in Shantipath and offered prayers at the main temple. He was amazed by the ‘sat, chit, anand’ water show. The temple was kept open specially and lit up in the late evening hours just for him. He also visited Adalaj ni Vav. He was mesmerized at its architecture and sculpture. He mentioned in his blog that the vav was even better than that found in Rajasthan. A shooting was also carried out at Kirti Mandir in Porbandar where Gandhiji was born. According to him the biggest shoot was at the harbor where he had to shoot in the midst of the parked boats.

Big B visited Somnath, Porbander and Mithapur for the shoot. He enjoyed the laser show at Somnath. After mingling with the crowd at the Lord Krishna Temple it was time for Big B to enjoy the strong breeze at Mithapur beach at Dwarka. Moreover he said that he was served ‘Bajri na rotla’ and he loved the culinary as it helped in easy digestion. He also visited a place where Gandhiji was born in Porbander. A swastika in the area indicates the area where Mahatma was born. He also agreed to share his voice for the light and sound show at Ambaji, Somnath and Dwarka.

There were so many incidents that touched the superstar and also took him to his childhood days at Allahabad. His trip not only overwhelmed him but the blogs written by him also attracted many eyes as they could read what their superstar felt after shooting at various places of the state.

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Ram Janmabhoomi:From Conflict to Verdict

The entire country’s eye was set on the final verdict on the Ayodhya Case given by the high court. Each and everyone had their own views regarding what should be the verdict according to them. The verdict was scheduled on the 28th but the high court postponed it to the 30th making people all the more curious and tensed.

The land of Ayodhya has always remained in controversy since Independence though the matter started centuries ago. Ayodhya is known as Ram Janmabhoomi as it is believed that it is the birth place of Lord Rama. The original temple of Lord Rama was demolished or modified by Babur, the Mughal Emperor. He constructed a mosque in its place called the Babri Masjid. During 1934 the domes were partially damaged by the Sants of Ayodhya.. The dispute started in 1949, when the idol of Shri Rama was secretly appeared into the yard of the mosque and thousands of Hindus thronged to offer pujas and continued to do so for days together. On 29th December, 1949, the city Magistrate exercised control over the whole area. However, the priests continued their prayers to Ram Lalla. During that time the land where the mosque stood belonged to a semi governmental, Indian Muslim trust called the Waqf Board.  Both Hindu and Muslim parties launched civil suits. The Indian government, declared the site “disputed”, and locked the gates of the mosque. In 1984, a movement was launched by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and BJP under the leadership of Shri L.K. Advani  to reclaim the site for the Hindus and showed their willingness to erect a temple of Ramlala (the infant Ram) at the spot. During that time, the Sants in Uttar Pradesh started a Rama-Janki Ratha Yatra to create nation-wide awareness.

The Hindus had a great desire to offer Pujas in the mandir but they were kept away from it as the doors of the mosque were locked. Soon their wish was fulfilled when a case was filed in 1986 requesting the court to open the gates of the Janmasthan Property. As a result of the verdict, the locks were opened and the U.P. Government was ordered not to come in the way of pujas and bhajans and create any kind of obstructions. This was a satisfactory verdict for the Hindus and again people started visiting in flocks. As a result, a muslim from Ayodhya and the Waqf Board, both filed a complaint in the court against the opening of the locks.

There was a major twist, when in 1989 the third Dharma Sansad met in Prayag and decided to perform the Shilanyas. As a reaction to this, the Sunni Waqf Board filed a suit not allowing anyone to the Janmabhoomi area and not allowing any kind of Shilanyas within 200 yards from the site. As a reaction to the actions of the Shilanyas, the muslim parties filed two more cases against the shilanyas. But the Supreme Court dismissed both the cases and the path for Shilanyas was cleared. As a result the VHP intensified its activities by laying foundation to build the Ram temple on the adjacent property. Prime Minister Chandrashekhar proposed the negotiations which intensified the crisis.

The U.P. government of 1991 seemed to be in favor of the Hindu devotees as the government acquired 2.77 acres of land around the disputed area for the convenience of the devotees to offer pujas and offerings to the lord Ram Lalla. As a reaction to this, the muslim representatives filed a writ in Allahbad high court. But the court, after hearing the verdict of all the parties, came to a decision stating that the government has the right of purchasing the land.

From 1512 to 1992 AD, the mosque shared its walls with Sita’s Rasoi (Kitchen of Sita Devi’s Kitchen) and the Hanuman Temple. The kitchen and the mandir both were destroyed when a political rally developed into a riot involving 150,000 people. On the other hand, fifth Dharma Sansad met in New Delhi and decided to start the Kara Save on 6th December and the Babri Masjid was forcibly demolished. Again the demolition triggered large scale rioting. In order to maintain peace the government took control over the entire Janmabhoomi Parisar area, though the poojas did not stop. Later on the central government with the concent of the parliament took charge over some 67 acres of land. Strong reactions came from the Muslims against the government. As a result the Supreme Court was requested to find out whether a Hindu temple existed before the disputed Dhancha was constructed over it.

In 2005 Islamist terrorists attacked the structure and were gunned down by security forces. On 3rd April 2009 the Bhartiya Janta Party – BJP released their Manifesto again promising to construct Ram Mandir. In November 2009 details of the Archeological survey are announced, which result in heated exchanges in the Indian parliament. According to the survey, there existed a temple in the area of the mosque which says that the temple was demolished and a mosque was built in its place.

Since then the Ayodhya Case had been in limelight involving Hindus, Muslims, VHP, BJP, Congress and various other parties. The issue had not only remained communal but it had also become a political issue as even the political parties are several political issues had been raised from the Ayodhya case. The entire nation was looking forward to the statement of the high court. Moreover many political leaders had requested that whatever the verdict may be peace should be maintained in the state. It is a fact that though the nation was curious, it feared severe communal riots after the verdict.

Earlier the verdict was scheduled on the 28th but the Supreme Court rejected the plea for deferring the Ayodhya verdict and allowed the Allahabad High Court to declare the verdict on the Ayodhya dispute. Hence the verdict was scheduled on 30th September in the afternoon.

The judgement was declared on the 30th around 4 pm.The case was being run by a three member judge of the Lucknow bench on what should be done with the disputed land.  The verdict was declared on the 30th after 4 pm. The three-judge bench – comprising Justice S U Khan, Justice Sudhir Agarwal and Justice D V Sharma – ruled in a majority judgment 2:1, that there be a three-way division of the disputed land – one-third for the Sunni Waqf Board, one-third for the Nirmohi Akhara and one-third to the party for ‘Ram Lalla’. The high court said that the portion below the central dome under which the idol of Lords Rama and other gods are placed in the makeshift temple belongs to the Hindus. Ram Chabutra and Sita Rasoi will be provided to The Nirmohi Akhara. Moreover the court has said that there shall be status quo at the site for three months. The court has dismissed the claim of Sunni Ward Board. The board said that they would go to Supreme Court.

It was a burning issue since decades and the verdict could disrupt the peace of the nation. But inspite of the verdict peace prevailed in the country.