Today I am going to share a tale of a migratory bird. It is not just the tale of a bird. It is also something that is relevant to our lives. If you have ever left your country then you surely would have shared the same feeling as a migratory bird. If you are looking forward to move somewhere, then this will be a teaser for you. 

Every year we see flocks and flocks of birds travelling to different countries. They cover the distance of thousands of miles in order to get better living condition. As soon as they arrive, they are given a warm welcome. We see wonderful pictures of these travelers in newspapers and magazine covers. People visit them and want to feed them. They also adapt to new living conditions, new people and new place. They have to make an adjustment with the food habits as well. For example, in Surat, Gujarat every winter we see beautiful white Seagulls. The are fishing birds but when they visit the city, they start eating gujarati food because every morning people feed them with ‘ganthiyas’. So you can imagine that even a fish eating bird turns vegetarian when it travels to a foreign land. 

Everyone of us, when we see these new creatures on our land we are excited to see them, but very few of us think of their plight. After a long flight, they do get what they had dreamed of. Everything is favorable for them, the environment, air, food and everything. What They do find the atmosphere warm, but the new place lacks warmth. They also get protection but they lack their freedom. They travel every year for 3 months just because of survival. They take the pains of flying for days together, just because they can return after a short visit and can lead a good life the other 9 months. 

They are greeted very well as they are something that we do not get to see daily. They come and they leave, does not make much difference to us as we know they were to go some day or the other. On the other hand we shew the birds that we see daily in our balcony, courtyard and on roads. Yet the glow on their faces is much brighter than those outsiders whom we try to feed. The reason is just one, they are in their own motherland. Even if they get shewed away they feel secured. They feel that all these people, the surroundings and all belongs to them. It is their HOME. 

In the same way, many of us shift to different countries for growth perspective. Shifting the country is not an easy task. You have to wrap up entirely and move to a place which you have never ever seen. It is just like the bird who starts its flight in a hope that it would get better living condition there. Each one of us will adapt to the conditions in their new country, we might change our food, habits and everything just like the Seagull. Initially it is tough and a blue period for all migrants. But you know what a Seagull does then? It tries to gel with the other Seagulls who traveled all the way long with him. Same is with us, even with all the luxuries of life and a successful carrier, we find ourselves happy with a little puddle of people from our homeland. 

The other twist to the story also might happen. Some Seagulls do not leave after their short stay and prefer to live in that country. slowly it starts liking the place, but the day it decides to pay a visit to its homeland, the charm is different. 

If you have ever moved to a new place leaving your homeland, you will feel that the story of the seagull is your own story. Do share your experiences.